Hello and welcome to our blog, Life with the Larins! We are currently a family of three from Manila, PH– I’m Elaine, and I’m married to JC who is the absolute love of my life! Our first baby Jacob was born last June 19 (2017), and we’re having a blast as newbie parents!

I started this blog as a way to celebrate our new life as a family. We’re recently married and since we’re also expecting, our lives have just been filled with wonderful, poignant memories that I simply could not miss documenting. I thought having our little space online would help me keep a diary of our daily lives, and also allow me to connect with other people who might relate to some of our experiences. It’s also a great way for our families and friends to stay updated on what’s happening in our life.

I will write mostly about the fun, romantic bits of our marriage with some sprinkling of the serious stuff, (right now) the challenges and little victories I encounter during pregnancy, the incredible joys of parenting and motherhood, and simple things I love like beauty, fashion, food, and ways to save money! I will also write about my Catholic faith, mental health, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) which I’ve been struggling with for six years.

I really hope you enjoy your stay here and engage with me by sharing your own stories and tips, I would love to hear from you!

About Us

I’m 31 and currently enjoying my full time job growing a baby inside me (despite it being very difficult!). I am a Clinical Psychology grad student on residency (or Leave of Absence, so I can rest due to ME/CFS and also the pregnancy), with a background in Marketing and Communications. I love spending time with family and just relaxing at home or having intimate dinners with friends and eating out, watching movies and strolling around in malls and parks. I couldn’t wait to have a glass of wine and be able to eat sushi again after I give birth!

My husband JC is an IT consultant and a compliance officer for a local BPO. When we weren’t married yet he used to spend a lot of his time volunteering for rescue work because our country gets hit by a lot of natural calamities. He’s a humanitarian at heart and loves helping people. He also loves the beach and the outdoors, and is a simple, easy-to-please husband.

Our baby Jacob who is currently 36 + 6 weeks (as of the 2nd of June) has already been displaying signs of boisterousness inside my belly, but more than anything I’m proud of my little guy for helping “push my placenta up”. I used to be a candidate for C-section due to a low-lying placenta, but now it looks like I can deliver him normally. I am very, very excited to hold him!