Blog – July 18, 2018


  1. Woke up late at 10:37am, Jacob slept for more than 10 hours. I realized that it’s probably because I dressed him in extra warm pajamas and he didn’t toss and turn much throughout the night. I’m testing my theory again tonight.
  2. Fed Jacob, then Dad and I had brilliant idea to defrost and clean ref. Purged the poor thing of 3 year old pancake syrup and the like. Toughest part was cleaning the veggie crisper– there could have been an entirely new ecosystem in there. This task took 7 hours I believe.
  3. In the middle of cleaning ref, I cooked lunch– adobong kangkong and bacon. Jacob has been sitting in the high chair for 2hrs without complaining. Just watching his lolo and I clean the ref and prep lunch. I’m so proud of this boy today. He wasn’t that difficult to handle. But it could also be because he was terribly constipated. Maybe uptight is really the way to describe him today. In that case, poor Jakey.
  4. Woke up JC at 2pm for brunch and we also fed Jacob while watching Shrek. After eating we managed to get him to nap, and I got some zzz’s too after JC left early for work. Was woken up by the toddler at around 4:40, then brought him outside for chocolate chip cookie snack. His lolo still cleaning the fridge.
  • Turned on my laptop to download movie for movie night. I got Every Day and The Lodgers. Always good to have options. Dad and I decided that dinner was going to be Tofu with String Beans, Black Beans and Red Bell Pepper, and Spam! Gemma arrives home from work and she looked after Jacob while Dad and I prepared dinner. We miss mom who is on her way home from Gumaca. But I love the feeling of having family members waiting on dinner. Pao also arrives and helps Gem with Jakey.
  • I don’t know why the editor suddenly switched from numbering to bulleting but anyway, we eventually had dinner and Dad complimented the tofu dish, and of course I was soooo happy that he liked it. Gemma wasn’t a fan because she doesn’t like tofu and anything with ginger, but I got three heapings of rice. I got Jacob to eat veggies and I also gave him papaya and mango. Who is the best mom in the world??!! 😅
  • After dinner we decided to go watch Every Day, and I personally loved it. Teenagers falling in love, nice soundtrack, picturesque settings, poignant storyline. Note to self to find the book upon which the movie is adapted. Jacob played on the mat during the entire duration of the movie, and towards the very end he was showing signs of sleepiness. We paused it so I can prepare milk (by the way he finally poo’d midway). He drank the milk and was asleep on my chest soon enough. The movie ended, we brought Jacob to the room, and here I am. And dad’s outside watching late night news, and I am so thankful for today.

I am always in the best mood when it’s raining, and today I got to bond with dad, Jacob was well behaved, I felt productive in the kitchen, I watched a nice movie, and didn’t have a hard time putting a toddler to sleep. Praise God. I’m really, really thankful. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great, rainy day as well! ❤️

Lainey xx

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