Top 5 Mom Tasks I Love Doing

Hello everyone! In today’s post I’m sharing the top five mom tasks I absolutely love doing! Taking care of a newborn is extremely challenging but I know now that I was meant to do this. I know that a big reason why I am enjoying mom tasks so much is because I have an incredibleContinue Reading “Top 5 Mom Tasks I Love Doing”

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Cuddlebug Maywood Mini Crib and Customized Uratex Crib Mattress

Note: Prices of Cuddlebug Maywood Mini and Uratex mattress are listed at the end of this post.   I really wanted a safe and sturdy crib for our baby so we decided to buy and set up a solid wooden crib instead of a pack and play/crib-in-one type. It was one of the decisions we had toContinue Reading “Cuddlebug Maywood Mini Crib and Customized Uratex Crib Mattress”

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3 Lessons My Pregnancy Has Taught Me

Lesson 1:   Your loved ones are trying their best to help you have a happy pregnancy, and you should too.    Because pregnancy can be extremely physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging for some women (myself included!), it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you should be the center of the universe. Sure,Continue Reading “3 Lessons My Pregnancy Has Taught Me”

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