Motherhood: June 26, 2019

I want to remember tonight Jakey. Your dad left for work earlier than usual and you still had so much energy. We were already in bed by 8:30pm, you already had a bath, all freshened up for bed. I knew it would be a while before you got sleepy, so I brought four books to our bed and had your unopened furReal toy on standby to keep ourselves busy. Or keep you busy as I take care of you. I myself had a little bit of energy after having napped for a couple of hours this afternoon. I used some of it for cooking sinigang na salmon belly which was perfect for the rainy evening.

We started reading your ABC book that was gifted by your Ninang Kimi for your 2nd birthday. You know so many words already! And your memory is so good. A is for apple, no brainer, so is Z is for zebra. And I love how you enunciate “ice cream” really well haha. When you encounter an animal you’re very much familiar with you say its name and the sound it makes. You crack me up whenever we read “monkey” haha! We also read a book about opposites and a dinosaur story. You liked the opposite book as well. I taught you about loud vs quiet and the illustration that goes along with it is of a group of monkeys and a tiny butterfly. Loud vs quiet. 🙂 just like your cars you attempted to line up your books. You opened each of them and laid them down in front of you. I wonder why you do that, why lining up stuff gets you into full concentration. Note to myself to research about it.

When you were starting to get bored with your books, we labored to open the furReal monkey toy with the doctor set. You were so patient as I was opening it, I realize it just now. It took long for me to get the toy out of its packaging, with its sharp plastic cover and all the strings that kept it in place. But you just sat beside me, I knew you were so excited and eager to get your hands on it, but you didn’t throw a fit. You knew Mom was working quickly to get the toy out for you. When we finally got it out we started playing with it, and it didn’t take long before you understood what the stethoscope and thermometer were for. I guess you’ve been playing a lot with Tita Moi’s stet and you’re quite used to having your temperature taken already. You giggled a lot when we saw that the monkey (which you named Hattie) is able to open and close her eyes. The simple joys Jakey. 🙂 that toy entertained us for a good half hour. We even “opened” our own clinic and examined rabbit as well. Rabbit and monkey are both healthy. I sent videos to our KKK viber group to thank Ate Ning for the gift.

In between our play session you pooped two times, so we had to go to the bathroom twice to wash you up. Again what a good boy you are. Not fussy, just allowed mom to clean you and put on fresh nappies. I was also messaging with Taytay and received good news that we finally can purchase our flights for the US trip. We’re so excited to bring you to Disneyland Jakey! Things are looking up.

The good thing about tonight as I was taking care of you was you did not insist on watching Peppa Pig. You were so stimulated from reading books and playing, and probably felt so full from my attention, that you didn’t really feel like watching Peppa anymore. That’s a success for your dad and I, we’ve gone several days of reduced screen time already. Now that I have more time again for you I can start working on our supplemental home schooling schedule.

It took us four whole hours of bonding, playing, reading and cuddling in bed before you finally conked out. It’s 1:21am now and I finally have time to relax, have a mug of green tea and a pack of biscoff. I’m writing this because I want to remember those four hours, and how I felt so in touch with motherhood. How we laughed and giggled and hugged, and I remember your baby smell and the twinkle in your eye. I’m so glad I got to nap and I had the energy to take care of you, I feel so proud because we made it through another night of you being so full of energy. But you didn’t give me a hard time. You are the sweetest, most sensitive human being. It’s so easy to describe you as such. You are perfect Jakey. In my heart you are. Thank you for being my son.

Mom loves you a lot lot lot. To the moon and stars and the next galaxy and back, as deep as a million oceans multiplied by infinity.

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