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My condolences

Our journeys are different. The timelines of our lives are different. I found out today that the dad of one of my former boyfriends passed away last year. This person and I unfortunately did not end things on a good note, and I struggled moving on from that relationship. It was very painful and I had no intention of ever crossing paths with him again. But I stumbled upon the sad information, and despite everything that had happened, I knew I had to reach out. I asked my sister to send a message to him expressing my condolences and my hopes that his mom and the rest of their family are doing okay.

While 2017 had been the happiest year of my life because I became a mother and a wife, 2017 was the most painful year for this person. And that is a realization that is supposedly very obvious, I didn’t really need to process it, but it happens. Your best year might be someone else’s worst year. So the thing I really want to say is, compassion. Compassion for where people are in the journey of their lives. We need to be there for others, we need to say the kind words, we need to do the kind gestures.

I don’t know when I will be going through what this person went through and I don’t want to think about it. I just pray that it’s not soon. Losing a parent, or both my parents, is number one on the list of things I fear most right now, because it’s a reality that I have to face as I get older, and they get older. (Sadly as well, getting older just seems to happen faster as the days and years go by.) The sad news affected me so much, because I had been with this family for three years. I never expected that they would go through something like that so soon. I can only pray that they find strength and comfort in God’s promises, and the hope that they would one day be reunited in eternity with their dad in heaven, even if my prayers are almost a year late. 🙁

Anyway, I hope you were able to say I love yous to your loved ones today, one can never say I love you enough.

Lainey xx

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