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On the new IG account

I have a dilemma. I forgot how to access my WordPress account for this website on my laptop. Good thing I have the app downloaded here on my phone, so I can still compose entries from here, but I need to be all techy and stuff so I can figure out how to go here on my laptop. Sucks. Anyway. Will not address the fact that I haven’t been writing here much (or not at all), I will stop promising and will just take action!

I had to rest from my chores this afternoon because I’m so tired from washing bottles but I suspect it’s my hormones acting up. Either I’m pregnant again ohmygosh (not possible by the way) or it’s the usual level 999 fatigue I feel a week before my period. Whatever it is it left me no choice but to stop doing laundry for a while, and the chicken which I planned to cook for mid-afternoon lunch is still cold and bloody.

I did something nice this morning and that is to create a new Instagram account for my family and true friends *cough* hahahahaha. Very liberating I must say because I just don’t want to “worry about what other people will think anymore”. The move was triggered by a research I did yesterday, in which I found out that about a billion people all over the world have signed up for the app and it has about 500 million active monthly users. And I thought, that is still not majority and there are still more people who are not on it than those who are, and if they can live without it, so can I! They’re actually not dying by not being on Instagram! Gasp! But since I’m already on it, I might as well use it as a “tool” because that’s how it’s being marketed, and I need for it to work for my benefit, not the other way around. Blah blah blah I could go on and on about how I’m free and all but truthfully, I have convinced myself. Now I only follow 28 people (so far) and I can heart every single one of their posts and not miss any story. I’m not deleting my old account just in case I need a reason to loathe myself and stalk my favorite accounts once in a while, but that will not be my daily activity anymore. Also, looking at interior design accounts makes me happy, I need that once in a while. Also, animals on Instagram. And photos of Iceland and Norway. But the point issss, I have taken back control of my life, and will refuse to be a slave to filters, good lighting, perfect grammar and wit. I’m just me, my life is simple, uninteresting, but I have a cute baby! Ha! And a loving husband. Ha! And a tablet full of ebooks, and I know how to feed my family so our tummies can always be full, and I can access my sister’s Netflix account. Ha! Life is so good. So soooo good.

Anyway, will continue resting and maybe get to the chicken in a bit, but I hope y’all are having a great Friday! ☺️😘


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