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Our Perfect Saturday

There are days when everything just turns out right and today is one of those days. We went to Makati Med today for a checkup with a cardiologist because I’ve lately been having persistent chest pains after exertion and it’s bothering me a lot. I may have told JC to take care of Jacob in case I die from heart attack soon. Always the paranoid me. The ECG turned out normal praise God, and it turns out I’ve just been having muscle pains from carrying a heavy, squirmy toddler, apart from the household chores. I am to take Norgesic which is one of the better paracetamols out there because it has a muscle relaxant. Can’t wait to feel drugged. 🙂

After the hospital visit, (and by the way we had lunch at Floating Island because I was 15th on the list and I very much enjoyed the chicken salpicao I chowed down), we went to Pioneer to check out the factory outlet of Blims furniture and we found a grey couch we liked. We didn’t buy it yet because we still have to measure the spot where we plan to put it to make sure that it fits but at least we know there are some promising pieces in that store. The hunt for a good couch shall continue.

After Pioneer we decided to get takeaway dinner at Bacolod Chicken along Jupiter. JC picked the resto for the evening but good thing I soon started craving for KBL or Kadyos, Baboy, Langka so I was good with BC as well. Kadyos in English is pigeon seeds which is a type of legume, Baboy is pork and Langka is jackfruit. Anyway we got home, we all took a bath to get hospital bacteria out of our bodies, and us three gathered around the table to eat dinner. Man, did that KBL hit the spot! And I also ordered Inasal na Pakpak or chicken wings. Inasal is a variant of roast chicken marinated in calamansi, pepper, vinegar and annato. And I also had grilled chicken liver yummm. I ate a lot.

After dinner we ordered Cornetto ice cream from the store downstairs and started watching Dunkirk in the sala. And really, the thing that prompted me to write about my day was that solid chocolate at the tip of the Cornetto cone which was so, incredibly, delicious and necessary. It made my night. Now Jacob is tiring himself out by playing in the mat, the AC is on, and Dunkirk is actually a pretty good movie. Harry Styles is in it!

So I just want to thank God for a normal ECG because that is the real reason why I’m so happy today. I’ve got peace of mind. Thank you Father, thank you Holy Spirit for giving me peace and Jesus for healing me. 🙂

Hope everyone’s having a great Saturday like ours!!!

Lainey ❤️

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