Thought Dump – July 30, 2018

  • This week is a good week because JC is on day shift and that means I won’t be putting Jacob to sleep by myself for five whole days! Praise God! Tonight though the toddler is fast asleep by 10:30 and I am already watching the boys sleep as I write this. I got to watch half of The Day After Tomorrow on TV and I can never picture Jake Gyllenhall in the role of a college boy (or was it high schooler? Not rly sure). I even researched his age when that movie was released and he was 24, but he always seems to be an actor who is “nearing his 40’s” y’know what I mean? I don’t like him. But I like his sister Maggie, and her husband Peter, I think they’re a cool couple, and really good actors. I’m very sure though that they don’t care what I think, so.
  • One evening I heard this lady being interviewed on My Puhunan and she said “I used to be a plain housewife but now that I have this business I can do this blah blah blah and earn this blah blah” and of course my ears perked at that statement. From my experience, there is nothing “plain” about being a housewife! You’re plain because being a housewife is not for you, darling. I want to elaborate on this in another post, but wanted to get this thought out already. It’s actually a fun and rewarding job, that puts a woman in a position to make a real, lasting impact in the world, if she puts her heart and soul into her role.
  • I didn’t know there was such a thing as Menstrual Insomnia until last week! I was “surfing the crimson wave” as Cher would say, and my sleep quality was at it worst! Either I was having a hard time falling asleep or I found it difficult to stay asleep, so I googled it like a normal person would and found out that difficulty sleeping is pretty common during your period. On top of that I have been taking Tylenol like candy these past few days because of terrible body ache that just made it extra hard to relax in bed. I salute all the women like me who have to go through the shit their periods bring every month, you go girl!
  • We the Larins have made the big decision to move to our own place in a different city! (That sounds like some cross-country move but we’re actually moving just 8.5km from where we live right now.) But our own place, wow! Very adult! Winning in life! Mental note to write about this in another post but I just want to share the excitement here. 🙂
  • Girls can be really mean, even toward their “good friends”. Actually, most especially toward their “good friends”. The downfall of a pretty girl is always a hot topic of conversation. We love to see a girl who has what we perceive to be a major character flaw, and we love to feel pity, because that makes us such good friends. No it doesn’t, by the way. What we hate the most about other people are oftentimes the dark sides or shadows of our personality that we repress. Just a theory that I 100% believe.
  • Anyway, feeling a bit sleepy now. I shall join the boys in dreamland.
  • Lainey xx
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